Muchos Nachos xmas Menu
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£14.95 Per Person

£16.95 Per Person (Mon - Thurs)
£18.95 Per Person (Fri & Sat)


1. Jalapenos Bullets (v)
Cream cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers n crunchy potato breading served with tomato salsa

2. Quesadillas
Warm fl´┐Żoured tortilla filled with your choice of

(a) Chilli Chicken
(b) Spicy Beef topped with melted cheese & spicy salsa

3. Muchos Nachos(v)
Tortilla chips served with melted cheese and salsa, sour cream, guacamole and pica de gallo

4. Chipotle Chicken Wings
Chipotle Chicken Wings tossed in our famours chipotle glaze

5. Long Boat Loaded Potato
Your choice of filling served with sour cream
(a) Cheese & Bacon
(b) Chilli con Carne
(c) Chilli Chicken Main Courses

Sizzling Fajitas
Mexico's national dish - flamed grilled strips of your choice served on a bed of mild peppers & onions, arrives sizzling with a side presentation of guacamole, sour cream, salsa, pica de gallo, cheese and warm tortillas

6. Chicken Fajita

7. Steak Fajita

8. Honey Duck

9. Vegetable (v)

Large flour Tortilla fried Golden brown and filled with your choice and Mexican Cheese, Refried beans accompanied by Mexican Rice sour cream, guacamole & black beans salsa

10. Spicy Beef

11. Chilli Chicken

12. Flamed grilled Sirloin Steak
Extra mature 8oz Sirlion Steak served with fries, grilled tomato, honey mustard dip & fiesta salad

13. Sea bass
Boneless Fillet of Sea bass pan fried and seasoned Served with crispy fries, fresh lemon and Fiesta Salad

14. Texas Ribs & Wings BBQ Combo
Our famous half rack of Ribs and flamegrilled Tennessee chicken wings, served with fiesta salad & fries

15. Chrismas Chilli con Carne
Chilli cooked in Corona beer - served with Mexican rice, sour cream & chive, pica de gallo, cheese & corn tortilla chips


Tea or Coffee

more vegetarian options are available on request